“Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes”

Grass Günter

English to Arabic Translation with a personal touch

What makes an accurate, successful translation?

  • Native Arabic speakers
  • An awareness and sensitivity to cultural and social needs
  • Attention to detail
  • A flexible, responsive and accurate service
  • Excellent research skills

That’s why at Albayan Translations you will work with a native Arabic speaker with a proven track record in the translation sector.

Good translation or great translation?

What’s the difference?

A good translation will provide you with a document that’s translated literally.

A great translation will make sure it’s literally perfect but with the meaning and nuances of the text also successfully carried over into the other language.

Going beyond the normal by paying attention to the fine detail of your text, I’ll ensure all your translations are carried out accurately and with sensitivity to remove any potential barriers to communication.

The next step

Get in touch and let me help you speak clearly to your Arabic audience.

A bit about Bayan Taleb

As we will be working together, you probably want to know a bit more about me.

I have been working in the field of English to Arabic translation since 2004. Since graduating from Damascus University, Syria, I have gained a vast amount of experience in the translation arena working as an independent translator with a wide variety of international clients.

Every project I work on is approached with the utmost respect and attention to detail to the benefit of my clients, target audience and the texts that I translate

Let’s talk numbers, who doesn’t love numbers? Here is my experience in numbers; but I must admit, I started keeping a project history just a few years ago, so hundreds of projects are not counted. Projects are grouped here based on the agencies I work with.

  • A project that lasted two years covering the political and social conditions in Iraq. The project was to transcribe and translate interviews with Iraqis. A total of 2000 minutes transcribed and translated (around 500,000 words). Along with the translation of interviews, the filming instructions of each interview were translated, a total of 192,000 words.
  • School reports, military related projects, anti-money laundering and terrorism financing training, and consumer electronics manuals. Total number of words: 352,845.
  • Politics and journalism jobs. Total number of words: 453,522.
  • Intercultural and interreligious dialogue jobs. Total number of words: 50,000.
  • Marketing, occupational health and safety (for the oil industry in particular), technical manuals for the oil industry, and consumer electronics manuals. Total number of words: 190,420.
  • Translating the Arabic version of several universities’ websites. Total number of words: 18,030.

I work in the following areas:



Training materials

Occupational Health & Safety

Manuals for home and office appliances


With an eye for detail, ethical stance and responsive service, my clients enjoy a flexible, personal service that delivers high quality translations every time.