English to Arabic Translation & Transcription Services

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Officially spoken in 22 countries, Arabic is a complex language with numerous dialects.

That’s why you need a professional native Arabic speaker to carry out your translations to ensure the meaning and nuances of your text are carried over in perfect Arabic.

If your translated content is to have the impact you need, it must:

  • Be accurate and of the highest quality
  • Show sensitivity to the cultural differences within your marketplace
  • Convey your message perfectly

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Creating an impact in the Arab world

We live in a world on the move, and the need for qualified translators is increasing rapidly. Arabic is spoken by as many as 420 million people around the world.  It is one of six official languages of the United Nations, and the fifth most spoken language in the world.

Getting your material translated into Arabic means you will be able to communicate effectively and smoothly with Arabic speakers, in the Arab World and around the globe.

Do you need help translating your medical and healthcare documents? Do you need those school reports translated into Arabic? Do you have a medical or educational research paper to translate? I can help you translate those documents into Arabic, in addition to translating business, political, education and news documents. My responsive, flexible and confidential services will give you the consistently high standards you need.

I also offer verbatim transcription service both in Standard Arabic and Levantine Arabic. Whatever you need to transcribe, rest assured that you will get accurate and confidential transcription service.

With over 12 years’ experience in English to Arabic translation and transcription, I can cope with the demands of large international companies working in the Arab region, or those working with Arab audiences.

For more information about my services, or to discuss your needs, please call +1 587-936-0526 or email info@albayantranslations.com