Certified English to Arabic Translation/ Arabic Transcription

I do one thing and I do it very well

Why do I only translate from English to Arabic?

It’s my belief that, no matter how competent you are in your second language, you can’t translate, or deliver the message as well as a native speaker can.

Languages, especially Arabic, are complex and a deep understanding of cultures, dialects and societal needs are essential if the nuances of your message are to be conveyed effectively. That’s why I chose to focus on translating from English to Arabic only.

What do I translate?

Business documents

Certificates/ Official documents for embassies

Education documents

Training courses for AML/ CFT


Cyber security training

Political articles/ News

Hospitality/ Travel

What do I transcribe?

Anything that is in Standard Arabic or Levantine Arabic; lectures, meetings, interviews, etc.

A word spoken is a word transcribed.


My quality guarantee

With over 15 years’ experience, I understand the complex demands you’re under working either in the Arab region, or addressing Arab audiences.

As a native Arabic speaker, I guarantee you accurate, high quality results that capture the style and meaning of your original text, whilst making it appropriate for your Arab readers.

I am a certified translator from ATIA (Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta).

Flexible and responsive, my confidential services will deliver the results you want time and time again.

Get in touch and let me find the right words for you.